Company Profile

The Company was incorporated with the name “Kumbh Finance Limited” on 8th of April 1991 with the Registrar of Companies, U. P. The Company was traditionally engaged in the business of dealing in shares and securities, financiers etc.

The Company has restructured its activities and entered into media business. The Company changed its name to “UNISTAR MULTIMEDIA LIMITED” w.e.f. 02/05/2000 and shifted the registered office to Mumbai from U.P. The company is in the business of providing quality content to various TV channels and preparing TV serials, own music albums, making films, event management etc.

Company under the banner “Unistar” is a composite production house expanding its horizon into entertainment industry, spreading its wing with feature films, TV programs, business to business productions, music promotion etc.. Unistar launched 10 major projects in a short span of time of its inception.

In Unistar we adopt, extend, chaperone and implement some of the original principles in relation to new challenges, demonstrating the viability of success principles over a range of issues and beginning the process of establishing an institutional discourse and practice. Still we amplify, illustrate, popularize and support the growing body of knowledge as perceived way of doing things in which questions of professionalism becomes increasingly central. We believe in . . . . “Defining entertainment for the future”.